God, I love Kaffers

God, I love Kaffers

For your information “Kaffer” means “Niger” in South Africa, very offensive word slowly disappearing from Afrikaans vocabulary. Originally, Kaffer is a name of an African buffalo, synonym of something with no brain at all and many muscles.

This couple is Bushmen the tribe, which years ago were on the edge of distinction, because, was no use of them in mines, fields or pastures. They were exposed to open hunting season. Survived for two reasons; firstly bullets were too expensive those days, secondly they knew desert, and Boers needed them badly to fight gen. Kitchener the Butcher of Africa. They survived because they owned nothing with value. Boers had gold and independence. That was what had Britons done, they took by force from others whatever they could. All over of the World. Though, Bushmen can go to desert dressed like on a picture above, no food, no water, nothing at all. In addition, they will be back in time they said. Watch is unknown thing to them. 

When I went to desert I took; food, water, clothes, extra shoes and hats, rifles, ammo, pistol, rocket pistol, GPS, satellite phone, tent, slipping bag, minimum two pairs of sunglasses, a note where my insurance papers are and a last will.

When I was there, suddenly I understood one, probably the most important wisdom of nature. DON’T MIX WITH PLACE YOU DON’T BELONG. 

If, I would have taken this little Bushmen into my World full of cars, electricity, high risers, planes, just name a list of things we created to make our life easier and better, he would be completely and totally lost. Perhaps I would have called him stupid or, even an animal.

BUT, when I was in a middle of Kalahari, I understood that without all my equipment and his help, most probably, I wouldn’t survive even one week. Who is a wiser, then? He has nothing and he will survive, always, I have everything and I don’t. There is one thing only what he has and I don’t.  He has knowledge. He just has a Ph.D from nature.

That’s why denying knowledge to citizens of your own country is a crime against humanity.

We, in our ignorance, arrogance and lack of understanding the laws of Nature, call them primitive, barbarians; we used to hunt them as animals, only because they won’t fit in the World, we built for ourselves.

Only, because they are dark, small, thin and defenseless. We were only race in the World calling a muzzle: “business end”. (actually the Britons are responsible for that, but somehow everybody with white face must suffer ever since and listen to; “Because I’m black…..”)

Changing Nature by force was always dangerous. Example Australia: Brits brought there rabbits because they missed hunting, rabbits dig holes in a ground and sheep or other domestic animals must be shot because there is no cure for broken limbs. They planted Opuntia ficus-indica, kind of cactus, one of the fastest growing on earth, in order to build fences. Opuntia took so much land that it was necessary to destroy that. They cut them, burned them, poisoned them, next month there was Opuntia again, and again…….

Even domestic cats, went wild and almost destroyed population of Kiwi birds, unique non-flying (like penguins) natives to Australia. They laid just one egg a year. Big one.

Even famous dingo is not exactly a native. Wild dogs brought so much damage that it was possible to get rich shooting them. 

Amazingly only guest, which brought a benefit to new continent was a camel. This “ship of the desert” adjusted itself to Australian climate extremely well. Now, only camels living in wilderness, are in Australia.

Changing environment and locations of both, humans and animals, was the biggest mistake of our past. We decided, we can speed up an evolution and we brought those, much unprepared to the World we created.

Maybe our World is even better than one belonging to our little brothers of Kalahari, but to understand that, they need few more centuries to go.  If we push them too hard, Mom Nature will just eliminate us from the face of the Globe, and will give our intelligence to other animals, which will take charge and Earth’ll become….the Planet of Apes, perhaps?

We are aware of the pattern, our historians know about lost civilizations very well; however, somehow I’ve never heard anybody speaking publicly why actually that happened.

And what we are doing to stay in charge?? To be, as in the past, the leaders of the World.

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING!!!

We got Affirmative Action Plan, we are going backward, instead.

Whole World is going ahead following a progress, we Americans are going back. 

Then, some day, to do more intellectually challenging jobs we must hire East Indians graduates from their ITT. Or Mexicans. Even now over 50% of jobs in the Silicon Valley is done by people not educated in USA. We, however, have per square inch more Rap singers, Football players and lawyers, than the rest of the World combine.

We still can do what Mexicans do, cut grass, clean streets, pick tomatoes or shake farts in hotels.

Man cannot overrun a law of Nature, changing that means damaging, that leads to disastrous effects. Katrina, Floods, Tsunamis, Wars even progressing lost of intellectual abilities are direct results of that.

The wise man said:


  “Those who God wishes to destroy, He first makes mad”

God help America, because nobody else can

Colas Bregnon

The Philosopher

“So, tomorrow my administration will file a brief with the court arguing that the University of Michigan’s admissions policies, which award students a significant number of extra points based solely on their race, and establishes numerical targets for incoming minority students, are unconstitutional. “

                George W. Bush January 15.2003, White House, 4:37 PM




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